GCP Hands On Lab Library

I suggest you to run these labs to understand more about Data Engineering via Google Cloud. I still believe the best way to learn is to make your hands dirty! Please open https://www.cloudskillsboost.google/ and try these labs!



  1. Lab: Exploring a Public BigQuery Dataset 
  2. Lab: Analyzing Billing Data with BigQuery.
  3. Lab: Loading Taxi Data into Cloud SQL. 
  4. Lab: Loading Data into BigQuery.
  5. Lab: Working with JSON and Array data in BigQuery.
  6. Lab: Running Apache Spark jobs on Cloud Dataproc. 
  7. Lab: A Simple Dataflow Pipeline (Python/Java). 
  8. Lab: MapReduce in Dataflow (Python/Java).
  9. Lab: Side Inputs (Python/Java).
  10. Lab: Building and executing a pipeline graph in Cloud Data Fusion.
  11. Lab: An Introduction to Cloud Composer. 
  12. Lab: Publish Streaming Data into Pub/Sub. 
  13. Lab: Streaming Data Pipelines. 
  14. Lab: Streaming Analytics and Dashboards.
  15. Lab: Streaming Data Pipelines into Bigtable. 
  16. Lab: Optimizing your BigQuery Queries for Performance.
  17. Lab: Using the Natural Language API to Classify Unstructured Text. 
  18. Lab: BigQuery in Jupyter Labs on AI Platform. 
  19. Lab: Running AI models on Kubeflow. 
  20. Lab: Predict Bike Trip Duration with a Regression Model in BQML.
  21. Lab: Movie Recommendations in BigQuery ML. 
  22. Lab: Classifying Images of Clouds in the Cloud with AutoML Vision


  1. Demo: Federated Queries with BigQuery.
  2. Demo: Optimizing cost with Google Cloud Storage classes and Cloud Functions.
  3. Demo: Running federated queries on Parquet and ORC files in BigQuery.
  4. Demo: Query TB+ of data in seconds.
  5. Demo: Querying Cloud SQL from BigQuery.
  6. Demo: Exploring BigQuery Public Datasets with SQL using INFORMATION_SCHEMA.
  7. Demo: Nested and repeated fields in BigQuery.
  8. Demo: Partitioned and Clustered Tables in BigQuery.
  9. Demo: ELT to improve data quality in BigQuery.
  10. Demo: Train a model with BigQuery ML to predict NYC taxi fares.
  11. Optional Long Demo: Event-triggered Loading of data with Cloud Composer, Cloud Functions, Cloud Storage, and BigQuery.