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Good Data Lake Labs on AWS

These are some of good labs that can be tried on AWS regarding Big Data leveraging on Data Lake strategy. Please kindly read through in here:– simple lab: – moderate lab:– longer...


Deploying SAP on AWS

These are some references that can explain on how to deploy SAP on AWS. SAP Quick Start: SAP Operational Excellence: SAP Migration Strategy: SAP Big Data...


Build an IOS application using AWS backend

In this workshop, we will create a data-driven native iOS app, integrated with a cloud-based backend. We will use AWS Cognito to manage user authentication and we’ll use AWS AppSync to get up and running quickly with a GraphQL...


Create Dynamic Contact Forms for S3 Static Websites Using AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon SES

Simple Code to create a Serverless Website for Contact Me! URL: Following is the architecture flow with detailed guidance. In the above diagram, the customer is submitting their inquiry through a “contact us”...


S3 Copy Command

It’s just some quick command if you would like to copy to and from S3. aws s3 ls s3://mys3bucket/folder/subfolder/aws s3 cp s3://mys3bucket/folder/subfolder/testfile . aws s3 cp s3://mys3bucket/folder/subfolder . –recursive aws s3 cp –recursive s3://mys3bucket/folder...


Checking whether your mail sent will go to spam folder?

Some references to it can be read from: Also, you can utilize or other tool such as Some tips are putting this on your DNS Best,Doddi


DTU Calculator on Azure

If you are a developer using SQL Server, you’ve probably heard of Azure SQL Database and you’ve probably been thinking about migrating your on-premise or VM-based SQL Server database(s) to Azure SQL Database. If so, you’ve...

What is Cloud?

Definition of Cloud? I usually answer this question with this mechanism (from my perspective) You can ask “What”, “Where”, When”, “How”, “Why” to answer that question. What? >> it is collection of IT resources...