GCP Architecture: Decision Flowchart guidance for Cloud Solutions Architect

As a Cloud Solutions Architect, I found this resource as a treasure! As a Cloud Architect we often need to create a decision on the architecture based on the specific business and technical requirements. Our response to the question usually : “it depends…”

So, I am re-posting the article in here just to make it simpler to read and only focusing on the diagram only (not the wording) – so you can make your decision fast.

I. Compute

I.1. Which compute option ?

These are some options to choose on the compute based on manageability

I.2 Which Serverless (compute) Option?

I.3 Sizing & scoping GKE clusters to meet your use case

I.4 Serverless Scaling Strategies

II. Storage and Data

II.1 What Storage type?

II.2 How to select the appropriate way to transfer data sets to GCP for your use case

II.3 Choosing a Cloud Storage class for your use case

II.4 Data processing – Cloud Dataflow versus Cloud Dataproc

II.5 Decision Tree for Apache Hadoop to GCP

II.6 Which Storage should I use

III. Security

III.1 How to manage encryption keys

III.2 Which Authentication option ?

III.3 Need an identity mgt product?

III.4 Securing your GKE end points

III.5 Authenticating service accounts

III.6 Choosing Private access options

IV. Networking

IV.1 Which Network Tier?

IV.2 Choosing a Load balancer

IV.3 Choosing the floating IP address pattern that maps to your use case

IV.4 Options for connecting to other clouds from GCP

V. Data Analytics

V.1 ML or SQL ?

V.2 Running Juypter notebooks on Google cloud

VI. Misc

VI.1 Hybrid & multi-cloud logging & monitoring patterns

VI.2 What annotations(labels) should you use for which use case

For complete reference and the complete wording you can refer from here: https://grumpygrace.dev/posts/gcp-flowcharts/ and https://thecloudgirl.dev and official google cloud platform documentation.

I hope this recap is useful for you all. Thanks.

Kind Regards,
Doddi Priyambodo

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  1. Rudra says:

    Hi , do you have similar aws architecture decison flowchart or guide me where I can get in similar manner you mentioned?

    It’s really very helpful and thanks for sharing.


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