Key Factors to create Perfect Design for VMware vSphere Infrastructure

If you are doing vSphere Design right now. Please remember this AMPRS rule for your design document.
Always think your design decision based on these key factors. Availability, Manageability, Performance, Recoverability, and Security.
Especially if it is for Business Critical Application, then you MUST consider all these factors.

Design Quality Description
Availability Indicates the effect of a design choice on the ability of a technology and the related infrastructure to achieve highly available operation.
Key metrics: percent of uptime.
Manageability Indicates the effect of a design choice on the flexibility of an environment and the ease of operations in its management. Sub-qualities might include scalability and flexibility. Higher ratios are considered better indicators.
Key metrics:
·         Servers per administrator.
·         Clients per IT personnel.
·         Time to deploy new technology.
Performance Indicates the effect of a design choice on the performance of the environment. This does not necessarily reflect the impact on other technologies within the infrastructure.
·         Key metrics:
·         Response time.
·         Throughput.
Recoverability Indicates the effect of a design choice on the ability to recover from an unexpected incident which affects the availability of an environment.
Key metrics:
·         RTO – Recovery time objective.
·         RPO – Recovery point objective.
Security Indicates the ability of a design choice to have a positive or negative impact on overall infrastructure security. Can also indicate whether a quality has an impact on the ability of a business to demonstrate or achieve compliance with certain regulatory policies.
Key metrics:
·         Unauthorized access prevention.
·         Data integrity and confidentiality.
·         Forensic capabilities in case of a compromise.

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Doddi Priyambodo

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