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Posting mengenai Google Earth dan Google Maps ini berangkat dari kebutuhan project saya di perusahaan, mengenai pembangunan produk berbasis Google Earth dan Google Maps.
Menindaklanjuti kebutuhan itu, maka kami mengundang perwakilan dari Google Singapore untuk menjelaskan mengenai seluruh produk enterprise dari Google (ex: Google Apps, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Appliance, dan Google Metering).
Pada posting ini, saya akan coba melakukan share knowledge mengenai beberapa pertanyaan2 yang cukup mendasar mengenai Google Earth dan Google Maps antara saya dengan Sehchwan from Google Enterprise Architect. Semoga dapat bermanfaat.
1.       Questions about the Google Earth and Google Maps Products
a.     What is the difference between Google Earth FREE, Google Earth PRO, and Google Earth ENTERPRISE ? (from features, and technical spec view perspective)
You can see the difference between Google Earth Free and Google Earth at Google Earth Enterprise is intended for organizations that have large geospatial data stores. Google Earth Pro offers an enterprise wide installation method appropriate for this situation where an entire organization wants access to Google Earth on the Internet.
b.      What is the difference between Google Maps FREE and Google Maps API PREMIERE ?
Pls refer to
c.       How about the Licensing Mechanism? (*is it  user based? / concurrent user based? / core processor based? / usage based? /  layer based? / connectivity based?)
As I have shared with you, the maps subscriptions are based on Page Views, Number of Assets being tracked or Number of users. The Google Earth Enterprise software has flexible Enterprise licensing, available on a perpetual or annual basis. We can discuss again on what makes sense for you.
d.      How many company in Indonesia that already have used this product? (Google Earth/Map Enterprise version)
I will have to check out on this one.
e.      How about the Local Support in Indonesia?  (* is it includes technical support (how deep is it)?  Or just a sales support?)
Technical Support will be via Internet and Phone call. Of course, we have also the local partners that can help you.
f.        Does Google Inc. has the Training Support for Google Earth/Maps Enterprise Developers?
Depending on the kinds of training needed, we can try to plan and arrange accordingly. For formal, physical class training, it will be available in the States.
g.       If we buy Google Earth Enterprise, does Google Maps API Premiere also include in that product
No, they are different SKUs. And if you are using Earth Enterprise, you will be hosting your own geospatial data and creating your custom globe. You can then use the Maps API to access your own geodata from your own repository.
2.       Technical Requirement Questions :
a. Does the Enterprise version have the ability to access the geospatial Data LOCALLY through our Datacenter? (ex: if client doesn’t have the ability to access the internet)
Google Earth Enterprise will be hosted in your Premise and network and therefore, it can access your geo data if the network allows.
b.Does the Maps can be saved in our Servers? How deep is it? How big is it?
Yes, with Google Enterprise you can create your own custom globe and maps and store in the Earth Enterprise Server that is hosted in your network.
c. What is the main function of our Local Server if we use the Enterprise version of Google Earth/Maps
Google Earth Enterprise is a software for you to install on your own local servers. This is for you to create your own globe and maps for your users within internal network, if you have large amount of geospatial data.
d.What is the minimum Spec of the Local Server? (H/W, processor, memory, etc?)
Minimum 2 dual-core Intel or AMD CPUs
Minimum 4GB RAM; 8 GB RAM per core recommended
1 Ethernet Network Interface Controller (Gigabit ethernet recommended)
Supported Linux operating systems:
SuSE Linux Enterprise Server version 10 (64-bit)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux, versions 4 and 5 (64-bit)
Ubuntu 8.04 (64-bit)
e.Does the Enterprise version has the features to make an automatic update (scheduled), to our Datacenter? (our geospatial data will always have the recent changes)
Your users are connecting to custom globes comprised of internal imagery on the Enterprise Servers. They will be able to see the new imagery on the map once you publish the map or globe.
f.  Does the Enterprise version has Service Level Agreement that is guaranteed by Google Inc?  (is it 99,99 %?)
If you are talking about Google Earth Enterprise, it is hosted internally in your premise and you will have to factor in the redundancy yourself.
g. Does it has the ability to Implement OVERLAY mechanism from several Layering Level?
You can have many layers/overlays. You can also have several levels of layers (ie sub layers).
i.   Does it has the ability to use/integrate with GIS MAPS from other software party? (ex: MapServer, ESRI ArcGIS, SmallWorld, GeoServer, etc)
Earth Enterprise supports the data format as listed over here
j.  Does it has the ability to process KML and KMZ from Oracle DATABASE? (not from files)
Google Earth Enterprise can consume this imagery but it will require either the source data or an export from your current Spatial Databases to build your Google Earth Enterprise globes and maps. There also exists third party support for importing ESRI display rules into Google Earth Enterprise.
l.   Does it has the ability to make an EXPORT/IMPORT the data (batch process input)
Google Earth Fusion can help to integrate and synchronise your data to the Earth Server. However we will need to know in more details your requirements to assess the level of complexity.
m.    What is the maximum height level of the MAP if we make a zoom process?
I would think that it will depend on the resolution of the GIS data you have. It could vary across the different GIS data sets you have.
n.Does it can be accessed from several and different applications at the same time ? (our local apps are : i-DOL application, coal application, customer information system, interruption electricity system). How about the licensing mechanism for this requirement? (different apps but using the same server)
Yes, you can. Licensing metrics for Google Earth Enterprise is on the physical server and the total number of user. A single Earth Enterprise can serve up to 1000 users. For the Enterprise Fusion Pro, you can install on a server up to a maximum of 8 cores. There is annual subscription fee or perpetual license.
o.Does it has the ability to VIEW OBJECT MOVEMENT TRACKS by real time? Show object information (ex: speed info, route info, photo, video streaming, etc)
You will have to integrate with GPS data to retrieve and plot the location, if it is something like the Zurich live tracking of Bus and Trains (
p.Does it has the BACKUP mechanism? (how)
Yes, you can have a hot backup Earth Enterprise Server. However, you will have to purchase the license/subscription for that.
q.Does it has the CLUSTERING mechanism? (how)
[sc] It is a hot backup mode.

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