VMware vSphere® Metro Storage Cluster Recommended Practices for VMware vSphere 6.0

Some of my customers ask about Metro Storage Cluster configuration for VMware Deployment to achieve better availability of their precious data. There is a very good resource from Duncan Epping (one of VMware most respectful technologist). One of the topic is the Requirement and Constraints from VMware technology perspective. Well, this is the explanation taken […]

Kebutuhan Minimum dari VMware vCenter Appliance 6.x

I know that you can find this requirements in the Knowledge Based, I just want to write this again to remind me. Because I got a lot of this question from my customer. Resource Requirement Disk storage on the host machine Embedded Platform Services Controller: Tiny: 120GB Small: 150GB Medium: 300GB Large: 450GB External Platform […]

VSAN Erasure Coding – Storage Based Policy Management

A new policy setting has been introduced to accommodate the new RAID-5/RAID-6 configurations in VSAN (only available in All-Flash configuration). Minimum 4 hosts will be required for RAID5, and minimum 6 hosts will be required for RAID6 configuration. This new policy setting is called Failure Tolerance Method. This policy setting takes two values: performance and capacity. When it is […]

What is Hadoop? Why do we need to virtualize it using VMware?

What is Hadoop? Hadoop is an Apache open source project that provides scalable and distributed computing, originally built by Yahoo!. It provides a framework that can process large amounts of data by leveraging the parallel and distributed processing of many compute nodes arrayed in a cluster. These clusters can be configured as a single host […]

Installation and Documentation Guide for VMware SDDC Proof of Concept

POC Installation and Documentation generally available online both in VMware website and in different blogs, but these are some recommendations: VMware Validated Design (VVD) Deployment walk-through (https://featurewalkthrough.vmware.com/#!/vmware-validated-designs-technical-preview/deployment-walkthroughs) this is a guide that explains step by step from deploying ESXi’s to vcenter, vrealize operations, vrealize automation and this will be the first step in the POC Fot VSAN: https://featurewalkthrough.vmware.com/#!/virtual-san/virtual-san-feature-walkthrough Similarly for NSX: http://virtualcloudsolutions.info/network-virtualization-with-vmware-nsx-part1/ […]

MICROSERVICES – What is Cloud Native Application?

DevOps, Containers, Docker, Mesos, Kubernetes, microservices, 12-factor applications, 3rd platform, oh my!   Modern application architecture and lifecycle is changing fast and that means even more demands on IT.  While some have argued that this new application approach calls for a whole new infrastructure,  actually these new business-driven demands head on, leveraging your existing investment while still […]

Consideration to Deploy Edge Cluster in vCloud Director. Also discussing about VSAN Architecture.

If we are using vCloud Director, then Edge Cluster can not be combined with the management cluster. It can only be combined with the resource/payload/workload cluster. If we are using VSAN, there are several consideration too if we want to use it as management cluster. Please read these references to explain detail of the technical […]

VMware NSX Use Cases in Real World IT Production

  These are some use cases for VMware NSX, detail of each use cases will be explained in another post thread. Use Case 1 : Network Segmentation Use Case 2 : Microsegmentation for Securing VDI Infrastructure Use Case 3 : Intelligent Grouping for Unsupported Operating Systems Use Case 4 : Automated Security in a Software […]

VMware vRealize Operations Manager Dashboard Repository

This link is a post from my colleague at VMware (Sunny Dua). This is a very good Custom Dashboard for VROps (vRealize Operation), can create your war room with this thing! Also a very good video webinar about VROps. http://vxpresss.blogspot.co.id/2015/11/vcenter-vrealize-operations-manager.html http://vxpresss.blogspot.co.id/search/label/vROps%20Webinar%20Series%202016 Kind Regards, Doddi Priyambodo

Berapa Lama untuk melakukan migrasi dari server Physical to Virtual (P2V)?

Pada saat kita memutuskan untuk melakukan konversi ke vSphere Virtual Machine, akan ada proses untuk melakukan konversi dari physical machine atau virtual machine yang sebelumnya. Kita biasa sebut sebagai Pyhysical to Virtual (P2V) atau Virtual to Virtual (V2V). Ketika kita ingin menggunakan P2V/V2V, maka metode konversi ini akan melalui jaringan data. Biasanya paling rendah antara […]

vRealize Automation 7.0 List of Improvements and it is GA now!

I am really excited about this news, because I implemented Distributed VRA 6.1 one year ago in one of my customer. And it was really complex installation experience. One of the improvement here is the installation mechanism, that will simplify the installations! A lot of new cool features now and integration too. Really Cool! Following is […]

Pertanyaan Teknis yang diajukan saat vSphere Design during Requirement Analysis

Saya coba merangkum sekilas saja mengenai beberapa pertanyaan teknis dasar yang biasa diajukan saat kita melakukan Requirement Analysis / Design Workshop engagement dengan customer. Berikut ini adalah beberapa high level questions yang biasa saya ajukan, dan melakukan penggalian lebih dalam berdasarkan pertanyaan tersebut. (Note: ini adalah pertanyaan2 teknis, jadi bukan diajukan ke business person or C […]

Urutan dalam melakukan Backup untuk VMware vRealize Suite

Untuk sistem skala Enterprise, urutan backup adalah sesuatu yang penting untuk menjaga data consistency. Kita perlu menjamin bahwa dependency antara VM satu dengan yang lain selalu terjaga, sehingga pada saat recovery tidak ada data yang missing. Jika anda mengimplementasikan backup secara otomatis, maka urutan backup ini dapat diatur di backup tools yang anda gunakan (ex: […]

Oracle Real Application Cluster Pros-Cons Analysis on vSphere

There are several considerations, whether we want  to implement Oracle Real Application Cluster or not in vSphere environment. These are some simple writings of the Pros and Cons analysis.   Pros Analysis – Oracle RAC on vSphere Cons Analysis – Oracle RAC on vSphere Availability perspective: It will create zero downtime of availability (but VMware […]

Key Factors to create Perfect Design for VMware vSphere Infrastructure

If you are doing vSphere Design right now. Please remember this AMPRS rule for your design document. Always think your design decision based on these key factors. Availability, Manageability, Performance, Recoverability, and Security. Especially if it is for Business Critical Application, then you MUST consider all these factors.   Design Quality Description Availability Indicates the […]