MICROSERVICES – What is Cloud Native Application?

DevOps, Containers, Docker, Mesos, Kubernetes, microservices, 12-factor applications, 3rd platform, oh my!   Modern application architecture and lifecycle is changing fast and that means even more demands on IT.  While some have argued that this new application approach calls for a whole new infrastructure,  actually these new business-driven demands head on, leveraging your existing investment while still […]

7 Habits, 8th Habit, and 3rd Alternative – by Stephen Covey

I am not talking about IT in this post. Just want to summarize of one of the book that changed my life (“a little bit better than before”) 🙂 After reading this book, please continue with The 8th Habit and the 3rd Alternative. Habits –> Objectives Paradigms and Principles of Effectiveness –> Assess paradigms and align to […]

Consideration to Deploy Edge Cluster in vCloud Director. Also discussing about VSAN Architecture.

If we are using vCloud Director, then Edge Cluster can not be combined with the management cluster. It can only be combined with the resource/payload/workload cluster. If we are using VSAN, there are several consideration too if we want to use it as management cluster. Please read these references to explain detail of the technical […]

VMware NSX Use Cases in Real World IT Production

  These are some use cases for VMware NSX, detail of each use cases will be explained in another post thread. Use Case 1 : Network Segmentation Use Case 2 : Microsegmentation for Securing VDI Infrastructure Use Case 3 : Intelligent Grouping for Unsupported Operating Systems Use Case 4 : Automated Security in a Software […]