Penjelasan COBIT 4.0 Framework from wikipedia

COBIT structure COBIT covers four domains: Plan and Organize Acquire and Implement Deliver and Support Monitor and Evaluate Plan and Organize The Plan and Organize domain covers the use of information & technology and how best it can be used in a company to help achieve the company’s goals and objectives. It also highlights the […]

Total Solusi dari IBM untuk Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Architecture Management IBM architecture management solutions are provided in two categories: Enterprise Architecture Management and Architecture, Design, and Construction. Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) solution connects the business and technology needs of an organization into a cohesive and dynamic blueprint, providing key capabilities for managing the impact of business-driven change. EAM helps maximize cost savings from consolidations, mergers […]

IT Compliance PBI, COBIT, ISO27001

Berikut ini adalah salah satu Guidance mengenai IT AUDIT, yaitu Mapping antara PBI 9/15/2007, COBIT dan ISO27001, Selain  itu ada guidance ITIL dan SDLC yang juga menjadi guidance utama standar pengelolaan IT. No PBI 09/15/2007 Area COBIT Area ISO27001 1 Management IT Management A.5 Security policy IT Strategic Plan P01 Define a Strategic IT Plan […]

IT Security Taxonomy – Artikel dan Guidance mengenai IT Security Issues

IT Security adalah pembahasan yang tidak bisa dilewatkan jika anda menjadi IT System Architect. Dengan mempertimbangkan tingkat keamanan yang ada, maka anda dapat merancang sistem menjadi lebih aman dan handal. Berikut ini ada beberapa hal yang dapat dimulai untuk memahami betapa pentingnya pembahasan mengenai IT Security : 1. Making information security everybody’s business! 2. […]

Seven Characteristics of Companies that went from Good to Great

1. They had quiet, self-effacing leaders. People who had a “paradoxical blend” of humility and professional will. They were more like Lincoln and Socrates, Collins argued, than Patton or Caesar. 2. These leaders placed the highest priority on surrounding themselves with great people. Rather than focus on vision or strategy, they spent most of their […]