These are top 16 Common/Killer Use Cases from VMware NSX for You!

Whenever I pitch about NSX to customer, I always start with the use cases. On-target questioning and in-depth listening to customer’s pain points are important, so we can collaborate together to solve their issues and going beyond that to enhance their innovations. For me, it is not relevant right now to describe the byte per-byte […]

Penjelasan Detail mengenai my INTEL-NUC based VMware Home-Lab untuk ngoprek vSphere 6.5, NSX, VIO, Kubernetes, dan PKS – #IntelNucSkull #i7

This time, saya ingin melanjutkan posting saya sebelumnya yang ada disini mengenai Home Lab. Berikut ini adalah postingan2 saya sebelumnya yang menjelaskan mengenai Home Lab yang saya miliki dan juga beberapa tutorial yg saya coba di Home Lab saya: (Description about My Home Lab in MacBook Pro) Anyway, saya […]

Tutorial Instalasi Server DNS, NTP, NFS, iSCSI, VMware vSphere 6.5 (ESXi dan vCenter) di VMware Fusion for Mac atau VMware Workstation for Windows/Linux untuk Virtualization Home Lab.

Melanjutkan posting sebelumnya, kali ini saya akan menulis dalam bahasa Indonesia. Karena saya rasa sudah banyak yang menulis artikel seperti ini dalam bahasa Inggris, tapi jarang dalam bahasa Indonesia. Merayakan launching terbaru dari vSphere 6.5, maka kali ini saya akan melakukan instalasi dan konfigurasi dari komponen tersebut di VMware Fusion MacBook Pro milik saya. Tulisan ini sebenarnya […]

Description about My VMware Home Lab in MacBook Pro

I just want to write this, as a personal note for me. Since I always forget when someone ask me this question about my Personal VMware Home Lab that I used to do some researches on-premise. As described earlier in this post: Currently I am adding another Home Lab for my research and demo to […]

Hyperconverge Battle Blogs Recap – Performance Test

Just a recap, these are some public materials, regarding VMware Virtual SAN vs competitor as Hyperconverge battle continues. VSAN vs Nutanix Head-to-Head Performance Testing — Part 1 VSAN vs Nutanix Head-to-Head Performance Testing — Part 2 VSAN vs Nutanix Head-to-Head Performance Testing — Part 3 VSAN vs. Nutanix — Head-to-Head Performance Testing — […]

Key Factors to create Perfect Design for VMware vSphere Infrastructure

If you are doing vSphere Design right now. Please remember this AMPRS rule for your design document. Always think your design decision based on these key factors. Availability, Manageability, Performance, Recoverability, and Security. Especially if it is for Business Critical Application, then you MUST consider all these factors.   Design Quality Description Availability Indicates the […]

Penjelasan mengenai my Computer Home Lab Facility untuk explore VMware Technology

Pada posting kali ini, saya ingin menampilkan home lab yang saya miliki untuk mengeksplorasi fitur2 VMware yang sangat banyak. Memiliki home lab yang “mumpuni” adalah penting bagi saya yang saat ini hidup dari dunia IT, lebih spesifiknya yaitu “IT Cloud” 😉 Ada tiga opsi yang saat  ini saya miliki untuk membuat Home Lab. Opsi pertama, yaitu menggunakan: […]

Apa itu / definisi dari Virtualisasi dan Cloud Computing?

Walaupun saat ini sudah tahun 2015, dari pengalaman interaksi saya dengan teman-teman lainnya; ternyata masih ada beberapa IT profesional yang menanyakan apa itu “Virtualisasi” dan ujungnya nanti ke pertanyaan apa itu “Cloud Computing”? Dan pertanyaan yang paling mendasar: “Apa untungnya bagi perusahaan untuk mengimplementasikan dua hal tersebut?” Jika kita tanya ke beberapa orang, browsing ke beberapa site, kemungkinan jawaban […]

Business Continuity (BC) vs Disaster Recovery (DR) in VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) Design – (RPO, RTO, WRT, MTD)

Business Continuity vs Disaster Recovery DR : – we hoped it would never happen, but it has…        – get the business running again ASAP        – it is a tactical and technical movement BC : – C level executive        – who, what, where, and when is needed […]

VMware TCO / ROI Calculator User’s Guide

You can directly use the Tool in this link = http:// You can read the detail description of TCO in here =   This is some simple User Guide on How to use the Tool : The VMware TCO Calculator was developed jointly by VMware, Inc. and ex-Gartner ROI / TCO experts from Alinean, Inc. […]

IBM Flex System Manager VMControl Standard vs Standard vs Enterprise Edition

IBM Flex System Manager VMControl Express Edition includes features that were formerly part of IBM Flex System Manager virtualization manager. With VMControl Express Edition, you can complete the following tasks: Create virtual servers. Edit virtual servers. Manage virtual servers. Relocate virtual servers. Discover virtual server, storage, and network resources and visualize the physical-to-virtual relationships. IBM Flex […]

SAP Sizing Mechanisme on IBM PureFlex with Reference Architecture

SAP Standard Application Benchmarks help customers and partners find the appropriate hardware configuration for their IT solutions. Working in concert, SAP and our hardware partners developed the SAP Standard Application Benchmarks to test the hardware and database performance of SAP applications and components. SAP Standard Application Benchmarks test the hardware and database performance of SAP […]

IBM PureFlex Systems and SAP Work Together to Deliver Outstanding TCO

International Technology Group (ITG) titled Value Proposition for IBM PureFlex System:  Case for IBM PureFlex System for Cloud-Enabled SAP Enterprise Environments.  SAP Infrastructure can include x86, UNIX, System i, Linux, and Windows platforms, to name a few.  For SAP, there can be many  modules for BI, ERP, and CRM.  And for each of these production […]