Deploystack – an Easy Way to Accelerate your Deployment to Google Cloud


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DeployStack is a series of applications that are prebuilt and architected to demonstrate common application architectures and share projects that can be repurposed to support your needs. Each one requires just one command to run, and when the process is done, a fully functional version of the app is available and running, ready to use or modify.

Search the Ready to Use script to Accelerate your Deployment in Google Cloud:
- Check the official doc:
- Find the Terraform script:

Please elaborate the stack and use it as your accelerator to build the solution at Google Cloud, such as:
1. deploystack-nosql-client-server
2. deploystack-wordpress-on-cloudrun
3. deploystack-google-lb-and-armor
4. deploystack-cloudsql-multiregion
5. deploystack-auditlogs-to-bq
6. deploystack-gcs-to-bq-with-least-privileges
7. deploystack-load-balanced-vms
8. deploystack-storage-event-function-app
9. deploystack-three-tier-app
10. deploystack-etl-pipeline
11. deploystack-single-vm
12. deploystack-cost-sentry
13. deploystack-ops-agent
14. deploystack-static-hosting-with-domain
15. deploystack-serverless-e2e-photo-sharing-app

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