Visualize spend over time with Google Data Studio

Dashboard Sample:

You can get up-to-date Cloud Billing graphs throughout the day, and use labels to slice and dice your Google Cloud bill the way you want by combining Cloud Billing data export to BigQuery functionality with Google Data Studio.
Step by Step:

You can use labels to answer complex questions, such as "How can I tell what Service X is costing me?", or "What am I spending on my development environments versus production?" You apply labels, which are key/value pairs, to your Google Cloud resources. Common uses of labels include:

  • Labels based on team or cost center. You can use these labels to distinguish projects owned by different teams, which is useful in cost accounting or budgeting. For example, team:marketing and team:research.
  • Labels based on component. For example, component:redis and component:frontend.
  • Labels based on environment or stage. For example, environment:prod and environment:test.

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