VMware Photon Platform or vSphere Integrated Container
Cloud Native Applications implementation using container technology is hardly to ignore if you want to keep up with this culture of agile and fast innovations. VMware have two approaches to support for this initiative. Either to use vSphere Integrated Container approach or VMware Photon Platform approach. So, what are the differences? In Summary:
  • If you want to run both containerized and traditional workloads in production side by side on your existing infrastructure, VIC is the ideal choice. VIC extends all the enterprise capabilities of vSphere without requiring additional investment in retooling or re-architecting your existing infrastructure.
  • If you are looking at building an on-prem, green field infrastructure stack for only running containerized workloads, and also would like a highly available and scalable control plane, an API-driven, automated DevOps environment, plus multi-tenancy for creation and isolation resources, Photon Platform is the way to go.
In this couple of weeks, I will elaborate more about this cloud native applications. Please wait for my next posts. So, these are the plan: 1. Run Docker Apps in the laptop (for my case, I will use Mac) We will utilise: Mac OS, Docker, Swarm. 2. Run Docker Apps in vSphere Integrated Container We will utilise: VMware vSphere, vCenter, Photon OS, Harbor, Admiral. 3. Run Docker Apps in VMware Photon Platform We will utilise: VMware vSphere, Photon Controller, Photon OS, Kubernetes   Kind Regards, Doddi Priyambodo